Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Franco & TP OK Jazz - Rumba OK - Lyrics - Paroles

senga ndambo , nga na senga te o (3)
mawa ,o nga na senga te(2)

mawa o soki osengi mingi, nde bayini yo (3) 
mawa, o nde bayini yo e(2) 
mawa o mikolo mineyi nakoti lobimisi (3) 
mawa,o nakoti lobimisi mawa o senga ndambo,nga na senga te o(3) 
mawa, o nga na senga te(2) 
mawa o 

it's about a broke friend who says that he doesn't want to ask too much to his friends because he will loose his honour and their friendship 
senga from the verb kosenga = to ask 
ndambo = a little
mingi = too much 
te introduce the negation senga = ask 
mawa = what a pity

Submitted by Mala Kini

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